Benefits of Premium Financing

Reliability ∙ Growth ∙ Innovation


your receivables and management

Reduce administration and costs

We manage contract processing, payment collection, and debt recovery

Minimize your time on risk

Forget working your past-due receivables lists


funding with confidence

Offer financing with pre-approved terms

Quick turn-around time so you can complete the transaction quickly

Leverage our financial expertise to your advantage

A convenient digital workflow for your clients


your broker value proposition

Offer a complete insurance solution, including payments

Expand your service offering with all payment methods on one convenient
Payment Options Form

Offer more flexible payment solutions

Protect your client relationship


your revenue

Avoid policy cancellation

Earn your commission upfront

No need to wait for earned premiums

Improve your cash flow

Protect your profits


the FIRST Canada difference

Offer payment options for all your clients

Customize payment terms and withdrawal dates

Effortless renewals

A dedicated service and support team

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